The only real way to become a TV Presenter is to make a TV showreel.
and show the world what you can do!

What do you get with us?

1 Personalised TV Presenter Showreel (up to 5 mins)

Up to 5 hours TV presenter training, help guidance and advice

One to One coaching

Advanced help with writing your script running up to film date

Times to suit you

On going help and advice PLUS marketing advice

Honest opinion on your abilities and what to work on in front of the mirror!

Completed and edited TV Presenter DVD of your TV Showreel for promoting your TV presentation skills. Put online too.

Help with pre-planning and adding content to your TV Presenter demo.

Your showreel published on our youtube channel

Discounts on any future TV Presenter Training courses you attend with Telly Faces

With Telly Faces ALL TV Presenter Showreels are unique. We film original stories in different locations. Thus you're not going to share the same subject or location or idea with someone else. Rod Lucas acts as your producer to help with your very own TV showreel.

Telly Faces offers exclusive 1 to 1 TV training with no group sessions. Just you and Rod filming.

Telly Faces is often asked to recommend new TV presenter talent we've trained. Although we're not an agency Telly Faces is happy to pass on all TV presenter leads we're asked for with your permission.

Continued help, guidance and advice.

Full Editing of your TV Showreel with music and graphics.